rewriting find_by_sql for rails 3

I am starting in Rails 3. I have a simple situation where i would select a parent based on a condition of one of its children. Normally i would write something like: [ruby] Distributor.find_by_sql("select d.*, c.rate from distributors d, coverages c where c.country_code_id = 25 and order by rate asc") [/ruby] Although this works, it is not the best solution to take. For one, it is vulnerable to sql-injection and secondly it shows a lot of the underlying database structure, and on top of that the sql-implementation could change between databases. In Rails 3 i can now write [ruby] Distributor.includes(:coverages).where("coverages.country_code_id=? and =coverages.distributor_id", 25).order(:rate) [/ruby] This is so readable! Awesome :)

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